What we are always searching in makeup tutorials is something unique that hasn’t been all over the place lately. And we are always curious to learn about different products too.

YouTuber MicaelaKBeauty, is sharing with us a very intense look which you might find very interesting. She is going to create the look with the KVD Pastel Goth Palette that she is very excited about.

Basically this tutorial is more about bright colors and a sexy finish which is always a good combination. Once you get all the instructions, it will be very easy for you to create the look.


Of course she starts with a primer leading to a liquid foundation that she is going to apply all over her face and then blend it out with a brush. The face is complete only after she adds concealer under her eyes and later on bronzer and highlighter.


For the eyes she puts primer to her eyelids, a little bit of powder and then starts adding the orange color to call the “drama” in. With the same color she lines her waterline and then applies a winged black eyeliner and finishes with mascara.


Last but not least, we come to the end of this whole look – lipstick. She uses a baby pink Maybelline lipstick and then decides to also add a little bit of peach matte lipstick. The shade is far from unique, but looks amazing anyway.


For more details, you will find everything down below. Enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com