Updos for Long Hair Wedding: the Beauty of Women’s Crown – Since long ago, hair has been the important part of women. It is even regarded as special as a crown. Why not? It is because women’s outer beauty is highly influenced by the hairdo they make on their hair. Women are supposed to give care to their hair if they want to look beautiful every day. It is the more reason for them to do in their wedding. There are updos for long hair wedding or updos for the short one available for you to choose in fashion world.

Actually, updos for long hair wedding which leaves your hair fall down from your head is not that common for wedding purpose. The long updos for wedding which gathers your hairs up on your head might be preferred because they look fresher to suit long wedding gown. Those updos might look simple and compact, but it is elegant and so pleasant to see. Even so, the previous updos are also good for they will give princess look on you. Here, the writer would like to introduce you to each of them.


When you look up any fashion reference regarding wedding updos, you will find that there are various updos for long hair wedding that are styled to let your hairs untied or falling down and rest on your shoulders. You can say that this type of long wedding updos looks classic, but it is not old-fashioned for modern wedding. One example of them is waterfall long braided bridal hairstyle.
This is one of updos for long hair wedding which braids your hair at the back horizontally from ear to ear. It is unique since to make the horizontal braid, it requires vertical hairs from the top of your head. Furthermore, it also requires you to have wavy medium hairdo and let it fall down behind your back. That is why this wedding long hairstyle looks like a waterfall from the back.


Tied up updos for long hair wedding do not necessarily require us to tie our hair into a ponytail one. It just means that we gather all of our hairs up to be made into a bun. This hairdo is the most common used for wedding purpose. More than beautiful, it makes you look elegant. However, even if it is a bun, it also does not necessarily to be round.
For that kind of updos for long hair wedding, you can see it in ethereal low bun bridal hairstyle. The bun in this style is not round, but seems complicated with the gathered wavy hairs. It is placed low and looks good with floral headpiece. This hairdo will surely make you astonished and interested in managing one on your hairs. Of course, round buns do not lose to this one. Although round buns look simpler, it looks beautiful when it is decorated with pretty hair ornament. All types of wedding hairdo indeed are beautiful crown women ever have.

Source: www.hairstylemagz.com