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I’m back with another post! Today we would be talking about how to use translucent powder on the dark skin. If you’re a makeup addict, you would know the benefits of using translucent powder on the skin. Now, people have switched to using translucent powder instead of baby powder or setting powder. The best part about translucent powder is that it sets the makeup easily on the face and also does not make your face look cakey. But is translucent powder good to be used on dark skin? If you’re a woman with brown or dark skin, here we would mention about the translucent powder that is made for your skin tone.

What is translucent powder?

Translucent powder is a colorless and sheer face powder which is used to set the makeup perfectly. It does not add any color to your skin but it is important to give you a matte finish look. You can skip using setting powder but the application of translucent powder is a must. Take a powder brush and swipe it lightly all over the face. It helps to hide the blemishes easily and also give you poreless look. Not only me but if you ask any professional artist s/he will say that including translucent powder is a must for a flawless makeup.

Is translucent powder used on dark skin?

Generally, people with dark skin need to pay extra attention, as the makeup on their face can give them unnatural, artificial or cakey complexion. Woman with dark skin should avoid applying layers and layers of makeup on the face as it may form a coating of powder.

Can women with dark skin use translucent powder?

Yes, a woman with dark skin can use translucent powder in small quantity. The translucent powder can make your skin look extra white and hence, you should be cautious while applying this on the face. Here’s how you can use translucent powder on the dark skin:

Step 1 – Apply foundation and spread it using a foundation brush. Make sure you pick up a foundation which is specially designed for dark skin.

Step 2 – Now, apply some concealer in order to hide the fine lines, blemishes and dark spots on the face.

Step 3 – Take some translucent powder and swipe it lightly with the help of a powder brush. Blend it perfectly on the skin.

Step 4 – Take a blotting paper and blot off the excess powder from the face. Using blotting paper can help to dust off the excess translucent powder and prevent your skin from looking cakey, artificial and extra white. Blotting papers are best to remove oil from the face and set the makeup perfectly.

1. You should not apply translucent powder with fingers as it may not give you the best results. Always use a brush with synthetic brush and buff into your face to get the best results.

2. You should not use setting powder as it may leave layers on the skin making your face look extra white. The worst part is that the setting powder does not blend well with the skin.

These were the few easy tips to use translucent powder on the dark skin.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com