I highlighted my hair for the first time in my life nine months ago and was shocked by a lot of things about the process but mostly by how long it takes. I think start to finish, getting highlights took roughly five hours, which is about how long it would take me to drive from one part of Texas to another part of Texas because Texas is massive, but you get my point. Getting beautiful, non-brassy highlights takes patience, and it’s very time-consuming if you have a job and a life and don’t want to spend your whole day at the salon.

Steve Goddard, president and founder of Pravana, knows the time commitment of getting your hair colored is one of the biggest drawbacks of the process (besides the fact that it costs a fortune too but not much you can do about that). So he came up with a way to speed up the painfully slow process with a not-yet-released in-salon tool called the Blonde Wand.

Here’s how it works: After the colorist applies the Crème Lightener and foils, they then glide the wand (which looks like a flat iron but is not because the plates don’t actually touch) over the sections to expedite the lightening process by using heat.

The heated plates on the wand get close enough to the hair without singeing it, and according to Goddard in an interview with WWD, because the lightening cream doesn’t have to stay on your hair as long (hair will lighten up to seven shades in only 10 seconds), this process causes less damage to the hair.

The Blonde Wand will launch in salons in October for $80. I might actually (finally) go get my highlights touched up once it does.

Source: cosmopolitan.com