Braids are a very common hairstyle. Sure, when it comes to more special events, other, more decorative and appropriately special hairstyles show their colors more, but when you just want to have your hair in a compact but cute form factor and also want to bank some sweet-ass curls, then braids are definitely the way to go.

While there are a ton of different braids out there, one of the most popular types of braids is double Dutch braids.

While these may look difficult to do at first, they are actually surprisingly easy to do, as it’s all about separating a strand of your hair into three equal pieces and essentially intertwining them together.

If you want to learn how to do these gorgeous braids yourself, check out the video below, as uploaded by… ourselves to see how it’s properly done. The length of the video should definitely prove that this is a very easy hairstyle that doesn’t take up that much time at all, but it’s still gorgeous and can be done by anybody.

Have you worn double dutch braids in the past? Would you now if you perhaps didn’t know how to do them but wanted to try it? Let us know in the comments!