If your biggest ambition in life is to look and live like a mermaid, then you could be halfway there thanks to these tights.

Sure, you might get a few looks as you strut down the street in green tights covered in glitter, but they can only be looks of jealousy, right?

And who do you have to thank for fulfilling your mermaid dreams? Etsy seller Lirika Matoshi — although you might want to sit down before we tell you the price.

You see, these beauts are handcrafted and made-to-order, which means they’re one-of-a-kind and a lot of work goes into making them.

Because of that, a pair of your own bedazzled fishnets could be above the $200 mark.

For instance, this pair of ombre, two-tone purple and green, very mermaid-like tights with flower, stars and sequin embellishments will set you back $309.

This ‘Sunset’ pair of fishnets is a legitimate work of hosiery art.

These ‘Beneath the Sea’ ones feature so much heavy detailing, it’s not surprising they cost $399.99.

Lirika also makes cute embellished lingerie.

Source: cosmopolitan.com