Create fun and amazing Watercolor Nail Art!

Have you seen those pretty watercolor inspired nail art? Looking at them would make you think that they were difficult to do and would require some sort of expertise; but you are mistaken. All it takes to create a really beautiful nail art is creativity and a bit or patience. Most of the time you would want to pick a nail art design that is smooth, shiny and easy to do. Little details and such would be scary where you need precision when painting tend to throw you off from doing the more complicated nail art designs. However, watercolor nail art isn’t as hard to do as you can imagine. You simply need to know the technique and you will be painting on watercolor nails soon like a pro.

Basic Watercolor Nail Art

The first thing you should do is to secure a top coat plus four nail polish colors that you will need to create the watercolor effect. You can choose contrasting colors or you can choose colors that complement each other. If you have a theme then you can go with the colors in your theme. For a quick and simple choice you can go with a white base and pastels for that soft and cute look. Also try to prepare a nail polish remover along with a plastic bag.

Start with painting on your base color which in this case is white. To make sure that the base color does not fade too quickly double coat your nails. Then this is the fun part, you can start picking what color to add on your black white canvass. Pick a color and paint on some dots and blobs on the white base. Make sure that the base color is dry when you do this. There are special paintbrushes that help you in dot painting your nails. If you want to be more economical, you can also use simple things such as toothpicks.

When you are done with that this is where the plastic bag enters the picture. Use the plastic bag to smudge the colors on the nails. Be sure that the blobs of nail polish that you placed are still wet. This is so that they can spread freely with the help of the plastic bag and this gives the splashed on effect of the watercolor paint. Let the first coat of watercolor splashes dry and choose another color for another set of splashes. Continue until all of the colors you desire are there and top it off with a clear coat.

The clear top coat helps preserve watercolor designs to make it last for a longer period of time. This is only one type of watercolor design that you can do yourself. Another style you can go for is the summer watercolor nail art. You simply need your favorite set of polishes and a creative hand. This really depends on what theme you are working on and how simple or dramatic you wish your layers to be.

The great thing about this design is that you can show the overlapping colors on your nails which resemble the thin strokes of watercolor on canvas. To finish the design, add the final coat which is the clear polish on top. As usual, this layer helps preserve the design of the nails. It also makes the nail art last longer and shielding it from physical effects such as that of water and chipping.

Summer Watercolor Nail Art

Start with your chosen base coat. Make sure that you place this evenly on your nails as it protects your nails from the added layers on top. Base polish also helps protect your nails from turning yellow or being brittle from too much nail polish applied. Then you can begin coating your first coat of colorful polish, there are special tie dye polishes nowadays that help add volume to the color combination of your nails.

After making sure that the first layer is dry create a gradient effect with another color of polish on top. To do this, paint the polish from the middle of the nail outwards. Unlike the base and first coat, apply this layer as thinly as you can so that the coat beneath it can be visible. For more drama you can also add a third gradient coat.

Have practice to make it perfect. It will also help if you go and watch tutorial videos on some of the watercolor nail art you want to recreate yourself. There are also plenty of blogs out there that you can read on to get some tips on this type of nail art. Even if it doesn’t go perfectly on the first try, you can always try again. Remember that this is a fairly easy nail art technique that you can quickly learn and apply yourself.


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