Ever since Beyoncé announced that she and her husband Jay Z were expecting twins in an epic Instagram post, we’ve been trying to imagine what the twins’ nursery will look like. When daughter Blue Ivy was born, the power couple reportedly purchased a $3,500 acrylic crib (now, it retails for $4,500), so we can only guess that the new babies’ room will be filled with high-end, designer furniture and décor. We asked four designers how the expecting parents would decorate a nursery for two. Check out what they said below—and for some product picks if you want to pull off the look in your own house.

1. Bohemian Chic

“Based on the way she announced her pregnancy, I would say a natural bohemian vibe would be great for her nursery,” lifestyle expert Peyton Lambton says. “I envision florals and botanicals as an accent with rustic wooden furniture—very soft and natural, while also calming for the babies.” For a similar look in your own nursery, try adding lighting with a floral lampshade, or add nature-inspired textiles.

2. Dramatic Flair

The family doesn’t shy away from dramatics and big displays, so their home is probably decked out in a similar fashion. “I love the idea of lacquering the ceiling of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins’ nursery,” designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano says. “I would add beautiful decorative lighting to the ceiling that would shine onto the lacquered surface.” And of course, we can’t forget about the parents—Davies-Gaetano suggests placing a comfortable daybed, sofa, or gliders in the room. If you want to pull of a lacquered look in the nursery, choose nursery furniture that’s still modern and contemporary, but is a bit more toned down so it doesn’t become distracting.

3. Pure Luxury

Designer Elaine Griffin believes that the couples’ taste veers towards a more deliberate, understated design—that’s still expensive and very chic, but subtle. “The twins’ room will be custom-everything, designed by Peter Marino or Thierry Despont, filled with child-inspired statement art and baby proof sculptures that the Met and MoMA would kill to have,” she says. If you still have an appreciation for art, but don’t have the millions that Beyoncé and Jay Z have, opt for more affordable abstract pieces from places like Land of Nod or Etsy—they’ll grow with your child.

4. Light and Airy

“Twins are exhausting and stressful, even if you’re Queen Bey, so I’d make the space completely ethereal and soothing not only for the babies but for mom too,” designer Erin Gatessays. “I’d start with this new Phillip Jeffries paper that looks like a massive abstract watercolor painting in tones of blue in homage to their older sister. I’d then make the light fixture a focal point but also simple and dreamy like this Oly Studio Cloud chandelier.” For the cribs, Gates imagines using a pair of elegant, but modern cribs.

Source: realsimple.com