The bed is the centerpiece of any kid’s bedroom, the outlet where our little ones not only recharge for the next day, but also dream the dreams that will shape the rest of their lives. When the prerequisite of comfort is met, the bed doesn’t have to be a plain rectangular piece of wood topped with a mattress. If you want to stimulate your children’s imagination and creativity, having them sleep in a unique, stylish bed of their choosing can be a very good start.

Camping-themed beds are a great way to inspire a little bit of wanderlust and make the kids really wanna get out there in nature. This is a tent-inspired example.

And a variation for toddlers and younger kid

And for the little princesses, beds inspired by their favorite stories and cartoons will surely inspire sweet dreams.

A tractor bed for the budding farmers.

A tree house bed is a great way to give the child some privacy and cozyness at the same time.

For the new generation of Star Wars fanatics,  a Starfighter (X Wing) bed and space-themed walls and floor.

A bed, a castle and a playground all in one, who could ask for anything more?