It’s the summer season. It’s hot outside, and we always find ourselves looking for something to eat or drink that will cool us down and refresh us. Aside from a traditional cold beverage, one of the best ways to cool yourself down on a hot summer day is ice cream.

Everybody loves ice cream, right? I’m gonna assume so. It’s one of the best sweet treats out there, and well-decorated cones of ice cream make for some great Instagram photoshoot models. If you love ice cream as much as we do, you might want to check out these nail designs!

1. There’s an internet term for stuff like this

It was something along the lines of “kawaii”… Oh and you can’t miss the halochrome nails here.

2.  Pops, cones and sandwiches on different colors

Pretty unique!

3. Drip and 3D cone

4. Another waffle cone

And a drip with rainbow sprinkles!

5. These are so cute!

6. These are making me hungry

Just like with all the nail designs we’ve shown you before, these are all really cool, and they provide an interesting twist on your regular, mundane old manicure.

Would you paint your nails with these ice cream patterns? Let us know in the comments!