Zendaya regularly serves up face when she’s on the red carpet, but the 20-year-old actress oftentimes rocks a bare face when she posts more casual shots on her Instagram:

In her latest YouTube tutorial, Daya went through her “no makeup” routine, and by that she means her “no-makeup” makeup routine. She covers a lot of familiar ground: cleanser, moisturizer, and cream concealer, all covered up with powder.

From there, she moves onto more under-eye concealer, powder, bronzer, and a cream blush. Then it’s only some mascara, and dewy highlighter set in place with Aquaphor ointment.

The total effect? A shimmery glow that’s juuust a little too polished to be a completely bare face, but which will give your selfies that extra mmph.

Watch her full “bare beat” (as in a makeup look) face tutorial below:


Source: cosmopolitan.com