While doing a specific hairstyle, have you ever wished there was something to speed up the procedure? I know it often happens to me to get stuck while doing one and be late for school or even work. Get your sleep on because from now on you will need only 1 minute to finish your look.

YouTube channel Knot Me Pretty today shares with us a very useful tutorial. Three beautiful and unique hairstyles that you can complete in the blink of an eye. Okay, one minute, but still, doesn’t that sound neat? Pony tails are the most common hairstyle girls do, but it’s getting really boring. So, to add some life to it, follow these instructions.

Look Number One

For the first style we are going to start by dividing two sections in the front of your head and then braiding them the classic way. After you’re done, take them to the back of your head and tie them in a simple pony tail.

Look Number Two

Take a middle parting, then divide the section to the top of your head. Then, tie them into a pony tail in the back. With the rest of your hair, twist them around the tail to create a classy look.

Look Number Three

This one deserves a medal, it’s so unique, yet effortless. So, all you need to do is take a section from the back of your hair and tie it in a pony tail with a hair elastic. Make an opening in the center and flip the hair into it. Then, tie the rest of your hair that’s left.  Make an opening in the back of it and flip your hair again. There you have it.

Did it really take 1 minute?

To see the whole thing, press play down below. We hope you enjoyed it!

Source: metdaan.com


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