During the week it is pretty hard keeping up with heavy makeup. All of those long hours at work or school, it seems like having it on too long everything will melt out of your face. So, of course we decide on “less” and “natural” makeup or no makeup at all.

To create the idea of a no makeup face but still look that you’ve got it YouTuber Christen Dominique is here to tell us how. The look you are going to see below is a very glowy, fresh one so I bet that you will love. Let’s follow her instructions and get started.


Before she puts any makeup on her face, Christen likes to spray her face first. Then, she mixes two foundations and with a sponge, she blends everything in. Later she applies concealer and contours some of the parts she likes. To create a more fresh look, she also applies a highlighter.


She starts by applying primer first to her eyelids and then opts for a very pink-rose color on the eyes. Christen finishes the eye makeup with mascara.


The best part about this glowy look is a lip gloss on the lips which looks pretty natural. Perfect!

What do you think about this “no makeup” natural makeup?

Don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us and enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com