The easiest way to bring the spring spirit in your space is by making floral arrangements. Making your own arrangement is easier than you think and I need to mention that is far more easier than pushing an ordering button.  And if you thought that you don’t have skills for making your own home decors, the ideas below will prove you the opposite!

Don’t throw the old glass bottles, because you can reuse them in so many ways! For instance, you can use them as vases and decorate any spot in your space. So, let’s check these ideas and draw some inspiration! Enjoy and have fun!


Windows can reflect the beauty of our space, out mood or our love creating things at home. Decorating windows for holidays or seasonal events has become a tradition in many houses and apartments. But actually we can make them look astonishing and inviting all year long. If you have a wide window sill, you should not neglect it, but decorate it with some lovely flowers. There are so many sun loving flowers and plants that you can grow. Or you can celebrate the spring with some roses put in a glass bottle. For more interesting and eye-catching look, you can paint or decorate the bottles with ribbons.


You can make use of all the old bottles you have in your garage to decorate the coffee table, dining table or even the wedding table. You just need to fill the bottles with fresh, cheerful flowers from your garden and make them look lovable. You can wrap three or more bottles together and make a magnificent centerpiece.


So, what do you think about these floral decors my dear people? Do you find them gorgeous and astonishing as I do? Share your thoughts with me in a comment below! If you have some other ideas of how to make creative floral arrangements and bring the spring spirit in any room of our homes, share them too! I would love to see everything you have to show me! Thank you for reading!


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