Canadian-born Nikki is the originator of the hairstyling YouTube channel Fancy Hair, in addition to being the founder of Fancy Hair extensions.

She says her story begins the day she married the love of her life. As she was doing her hair preparations for her wedding day, she realized that there was not one brand of hair extensions she found to meet her expectations.

So, she went to pursue making them herself. Years later, she succeeded in becoming the CEO of her personal brand of hair extensions.

It’s probable that a professional such as herself knows hair very well. Her YouTube vlog is a place where you can find tutorials ranging from easy everyday hairstyles tomuch-complicated braids and buns.

Today, we are going Boho with this girl!


Gather your hair around the crown and leave some out in the front to complement your face. Separate the section in three strands and start braiding a Dutch braid. The pattern for the Dutch braid goes as such: you are crossing each strand of hair under the middle strand as you braid.

Randomly add strands from the side until you reach ear level. When you get to this point, add about two thirds of the rest of the hair, combine it with your braid and continue braiding. Leave a couple of inches at the bottom.

The rest of your hair you are going to weave in the braid. Check the video for further instructions!


Start by separating your hair into five sections. The bottom section will have two strands. Braid each one of them into a regular braid.

We are going to connect both of those braids with butterfly clips trying to emulate a six-strand mermaid braid!

Next, release the top section of your hair and braid it in a fishtail braid. Line up the braids together making sure the fishtail one sits right above the ‘mermaid’ braid. Tie them together with an elastic!

Braid the two remaining sections from each side into regular braids. Once you are done, tie them up together back in the middle, unraveling their ends. Pull the ends through the stacked braids all the way to the underside, securing the loose ends under the braids with butterfly clips.


Gather your hair around your crown and tie it into a messy bun. Take a one-inch section of hair on one side and braid it into a regular braid. Do the exact same thing on the other side. That’s it!


Braid about two-thirds of the top section of your hair in a regular braid. Take two strands from the remaining loose hair, twist them upwards and weave them through the braid. Make sure to incorporate the rest of the loose hair in the exact same manner. Check the video if something’s not clear!


Gather the top section of your hair and start braiding a fishtail braid in French style. That means that you will be braiding the same as you would a fishtail braid, but make sure it’s attached to your head by taking strands from the loose hair. Braid until you reach the nave of your neck. Gather the braid together with any remaining loose hair and tie it with an elastic!

Watch the video here for full instructions from Nikki.


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