With these ten fake hairstyles, you will definitely look like the real deal! You think this is an oxymoron? Allow Milabu to change your mind!

Do not be deterred when she yells “OMG, her hair is so fake!!!” at the beginning of the video. This is just the Eastern European humor Milabu’s tutorials are drenched in. If you find it strange, it only means you haven’t seen enough of her video yet. So subscribe, and you will love it!

“Sometimes it may be dry humor. I warned you,” she writes on her channel, but she also admits that she loves interacting with her viewers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Milabu describes herself as a ‘Beauty Addict’ who loves to create beauty tutorials for short hair as well as makeup and lifestyle in general. Braids are one of her specialties, and this tutorial will teach you how to do ten variations of the pull-through faux braid.

So click the play button and learn how to do the milkmaid faux braid, Viking braids, reverse braids, retro braids and a few others. The most important thing is, Milabu demystifies braiding and proves it is all much simpler than it sounds.

If you like what you see, stay tuned – this beauty addict uploads new videos every Wednesday and Sunday.

Source: metdaan.com

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