Hi my adorable top dreamers! Here we are with another DIY solution for you. If you want to make something cozy and excellent by paying zero cost, then you should always think of the things that you already have and that can  be recycled. Today’s suggestion for you is to try to make a DIY paper lamp decoration. This task is really easy to do. You just need an old lamp and a paper or an old newspaper and you are ready to do anything!

If you want to bring the romance in your home, these creations will be perfect for you. Just turn all the other lights off and let the unique lights of these crafty paper lamps warm you. Now, you can enjoy your relaxing time and invite your friends into your homey space. It will give an extraordinary warm home spirit to the ordinary nights.

Today, we prepared for you a creative collection of different paper lamp ideas. So, let us check these DIY Paper Lamp Ideas That Will Give Home Spirit To Your Place, and tell us which one is your favorite.


Castle Paper Lamp

People often enjoy more in things that are their own creation. You will be surprised of what could be your peace of art if you try to decorate your lighting solution. There is a wide range of possibilities and creations that you can make. Just use your imagination and trust your crafty hands.

Sun Decorated Wedding Lamps

Giraffe Paper Lamp

Flowers Decor Paper Lamp

Book Paper Lamp

City Lights Paper Lamp

Newspaper Hanging  Lamp

Picture Collage Paper Lamp

Old Map Paper Lamp

Pop Art Paper Lamp

Paper Bird’s Nest Lamp


Hanging paper lamps could be really cheap and excellent choice for your room lighting. They are really easy to be made and  you can make any shape that suit your home interior. Your friends will be amazed of your own masterpiece.

Tree Houses Paper Lamp

Rhombus Shaped Hanging Paper Lamp

Feathers Paper Lamp

Fish Scales Hanging Paper Lamps

Starburst Hanging Paper Lamp

Black and Green Sophisticated Paper Lamp

This was the exquisite collection of the paper lamp ideas that we prepared for you. We hope you enjoyed. We want to hear from you, too.

Source: topdreamer.com