2016 was one hell of a year. For some people it was the best year of their life, but for a lot of people I know (including myself) it was one of, if not the worst.

As well as the passing of some of the greatest stars in the film and music industry, a lot of weird things reared their heads on social media. For example, for Christmas, women drew Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer on their… boobs.

One of my favorite “challenges” that were attempted by a lot of people on social media this year was the 100 Layers challenge.

Essentially, it’s a challenge where girls would apply 100 layers of makeup, or hair extensions, or nail polish, or whatever.

It’s stupid and pointless, yes, but it still was funny to see the ridiculous results after people attempted the challenge. Shoutout to Jenna Marbles for applying 100 layers of literally everything she could on herself.

Well, anyway, here’s a video by Luxy Hair showing what 100 layers of hair extensions look like. It’s the sort of thing I expect to see on a fairytale character if I’m being honest.

Check out the video below:

Source: www.metdaan.com

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