Braids are timeless. It is a hairstyle that’s not affected by current fashion trends and one that (despite what you may think) can be done quickly and without much effort, while still looking classy.

Braids have been around for thousands of years, with their oldest depiction discovered in the Tassili n’Ajjer mountain range in Algeria dating back 6,000 years. This rock art shows the three-strand plait commonly known as the French or Dutch braid.

The expression “French braid” first appeared in 1871 in Arthur’s Home Magazine. The only difference in the Dutch braid is the way in which the three strands of hair are crossed.

So if you ever thought braiding your hair was a slow, tedious, annoying and ultimately a more-often-than-not unsuccessful endeavor, allow Zane from Luxy Hair to change your mind.

Or as a certain Jennifer wrote in the comments section:

“Awesome! Now I get it. FINALLY! I’m so excited!”