A water feature will definitely add tranquility and peace to your outdoors, so you should definitely have one. This could either be some fountain, a waterfall or a pond. Today, we want to show you several enchanting deck ponds that may inspire you to add one in your backyard too.

This type of ponds, as the name suggests, are a part of a deck, most often a wooden one. And yes they look pretty amazing, no matter how big they are. They can vary in the shape too, and can be even edged with some stones and rocks. Some of these ponds can even hold Koi fish. These Koi ponds are common part of Japanese gardens and can be even ornamental ones when placed in the home. The following deck ponds are definitely some of the best ideas you can find all over the Web, so check them out and get inspired to make one such pond in your outdoors too.


As you can see, these deck ponds can be quite versatile. Some of them can feature a walkway passing through the pond, while others have more space on the deck for a seating area. So, you can seat over there and enjoy in the serene sound of water and thus get the desired peace and tranquility.

So, would you like to have a pond next to the deck in your backyard? Tell us in the comments and also let us know which one from the above ideas did you like the best.

Source: topdreamer.com

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