Cute half-up and effortless hairstyles are always a good idea. Braids and flowers are so trendy right now, mixing them together will get you an amazing result. Since it’s spring, this easy 5-10 minutes style is perfect for you or your little one.

Katie from channel Cute Girls Hairstyles decided to show the world how to create this beautiful Flower Half-Up Hairstyle  and her daughter is the model. Half-up hairstyles are stunning, and girls love them because you can still pull your hair out of your face while still showing off how patient you were for the past years growing it long and lovely.

You will need: a brush, a rat-tail comb, a spray bottle, 6-7 small hair elastics, 9-10 bobby pins, and hairspray {if you want}. You need to have basic skills to achieve this look.


First up, Katie made some pretty waves on her daughter’s hair to add some texture. Then, she took a hair elastic and made a ponytail in the back.


She flipped the ponytail and then moved on by taking hair from each side of the head, and created two more ponytails.


With the hair that’s left, she makes three braids and rolls them by creating three cute flowers.

That would be it, and if you can pull this off, no one can stop you!

People show a lot of love on her channel too:

“Cute! I love your hairstyles Mindy and your vlogs are just awesome!”

If you want to see the whole process, click right down below.