New hair color trends are a bit difficult to follow. Saying that would be quite the understatement. It seems that every week there’s someone trying out a new hair color, often with interesting results. From simple stuff like galaxy or rainbow inspired design to stuff that looks like it was made in a lab, new dyed hairstyles are everywhere all the time, and they’re all worth a try. If you want to get in on the whole “unique dyed hair” craze, here are some ideas that you can try out.

1. Cotton candy

2. Galaxy hair

Actually, it reminds me more of the Northern Lights

3. Rainbow roots

Who said that the entire hair had to be dyed anyway?

4. Mint hair

Not only is the color amazing, but in this particular case, the person wearing it is also absolutely gorgeous.

5. Sand art hair

Called so because it gives colored sand art vibes. I didn’t know what the stuff was, I actually had to look it up.

The modern-day equivalent would be kinetic sand, I guess.

6. Unicorn hair

Of course, you can’t mention interesting hair dyes without mentioning unicorn dye. This has all the basic unicorn colors covered, and it looks amazing.

7. Colorombré

Who said that ombrés had to go from dark to blonde? Colors can be used as well!

8. Emerald green

Here’s another green one. This is more of a deeper green than the previous mint one, but it still looks just as amazing.

9. Amethyst hair

Inspired by the incredible gem of the same name. For those of you who have seen it in person, you know how amazing it looks.

10. Color melted

Another ombré type dye job, once again proving that it doesn’t have to be from black to blonde, but this time in the reverse order.

11. Grey hair

Who said that gray is for old people only? This looks amazing!

12. Opal hair

Аnother gemstone-inspired design, and it also look just as good.

13. Indigo

Even though this hairstyle was inspired by a fashion staple (that being denim), I call it indigo because on this particular photo it looks a bit darker. Still amazing though.


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