New trends come and go so fast when it comes to makeup, so why not enjoy and test them a little bit while they’re here? Some of them might be life-changing for us. As you might have seen on social networks, everyone is talking about the silicone beauty blender. Have you tried it?

Even if you didn’t, talented YouTube makeup artist NikkieTutorials is testing it out for us. After doing our foundation with a bra insert, a silisponge and a finger blender it’s time to try the silicone blender which might break the internet. Actually, it might already be broken by it.

So, after having all the makeup eye done in a peachy dramatic look, Nikkie is ready to go on with the face which she is a little bit nervous about. She takes the silicone beauty blender , pours her foundation on it and starts applying it to the face.

As we can see in the beginning, the blender is spreading everything out but the thing is that, it’s letting everything dry and so matte. This can clearly be a problem for dry skin. Then, again when it comes to concealer, it hardly blends it out, not letting go of that way too matte effect.

The YouTuber comes to a conclusion that this might work pretty well on people that have oily skin and prefer a matte look best, but not for her. She can’t even finish the whole look with it so she just has to take her sponge blender to put everything together.

“I had very high hopes, but I am not a fan and a little bit disappointed,” she adds.

In the end, she puts on little bronzer for definition and a brown matte lipstick. We have to admit that she is the queen when it comes to saving looks. To see more, press play down below and enjoy!