Do you dream about living in a huge house which is a reflection of luxury, sophistication and elegance, like the ones from celebrities? We bet that you do, so we have searched around the web to find such houses and have come up with an excellent photo collection which will for sure mesmerize you. Below, you will be able to find 15 Fabulous Dream Homes In California You Wish You Lived In. 

The reason why we have chosen California is because that is definitely a place where almost everyone loves to live. This Golden State has so many things to offer and it is the right place for those who want to chase their dreams and make them come true. Compared to the rest of the US, in this beautiful state people tend to be more welcoming and warmer. Another reason why you should choose to move to California is the wonderful weather. It is pretty much summer year-round and it can snow only in the mountains, but still it won’t be that freezing. And when it comes to nightlife, California is definitely the place to be. From night clubs to film festivals, concerts and conventions, there is always something fun to do. And no need to mention the beautiful beaches in California. Just imagine how awesome it will be to live by the beach and have the ocean view in front of you everyday. And even if you live in some of the following homes. Sounds like a dream, right. Scroll down to see the dream homes in California that we have chosen for you today, and choose in which one you would love to live if you have the chance. Enjoy!

These luxury homes are definitely everyone’s dream homes. Beautiful architecture, outdoor pools, great backyards, wonderful interiors are just some of the features of these fabulous dream homes and just a few of the many amenities California neighborhoods have to offer.

Some of them are located in the hills where you can enjoy sitting in the backyard surrounded with many trees. And others, are just for those of you who love the beach. Go ahead and let the photos do the talking. Enjoy and stay up to date with our content to find other such awesome luxury homes from all around the world!