Thanks to scientific studies and intense research, new findings of the positive and negative aspects of nutrients are being brought to light everyday. One such nutrient that has been the subject of intense study is niacin. Also known as Vitamin B3 or niacinamide, it is a water soluble vitamin which has been proved to have amazing benefits for your skin, hair as well as health. For those who are getting piqued, we have rounded up everything on it including niacin benefits.

What Is Niacin Used For In Our Body?

Niacin is crucial to keeping our skin, hair, eyes and liver healthy. The most important function of it is to convert carbohydrates from our body into energy and then spread it throughout the body. Niacin and weight loss is also closely interconnected. It is a crucial element to block the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. Thus indirectly, it helps you stay slim and feel energized all day. Studies also show it assisting in retaining the integrity of the blood cells. For better understanding, let us understand its specific benefits on our skin, hair and health.

Niacin Benefits On Skin

Niacin is a multitasking vitamin that is touted to have a miraculous effect on your skin! It is vital in keeping the skin cells firm and increases its efficiency. Regular intake of niacin keeps the skin moisture balance, prevents all kinds of skin blisters including pimples, acne etc. and is an awesome anti-ageing arsenal. Science has proved it as a terrific combat to skin cancer. Thus women, who are diagnosed with niacin deficiency or with skin problems, are often advised for niacin supplement.

Niacin Benefits On Hair

Niacin not only expedites blood circulation but has shown terrific results in arresting hair loss and promoting faster hair growth. People suffering from hair problems vouch of getting the issue resolved remarkably simply by consuming foods high in niacin like yeast, fish, peanuts, eggs, meat, green vegetables, cereals etc.

Niacin Benefits On Health

Niacin is an all important vitamin for all you health-conscious buffs who strive to stay young and healthy. Some of its most leading health benefits are:-

Hailing from the set of B-complex vitamins, niacin plays an important role in normalizing the digestion process and promotes a healthy appetite.

Niacin is a great antidote to prevent cardio-disorders and various other types of heart diseases.

Niacin has shown to reduce the blood cholesterol level efficiently. Its regular consumption minimizes the low-density lipoprotein as well as cholesterol levels. The direct effect of this process is manifested as increased and faster secretion of the high density lipoprotein or HDL in the blood. Regular intake of niacin dosage has also shown positive effects on the liver and arteries.

Niacin effectivity has been seen in preventing atherosclerosis disease. This is because niacin produces the histamine compound which dilates the blood vessels and increases the blood supply and releasing more energy in the body to perform all daily activities.

Niacin for diabetes prevention is also highly recommended. A chemical component of niacin, niacinamide has shown to delay the requirement of insulin and thus gets the blood glucose level regulated. Thus, people suffering from diabetes are constantly advised to intake plenty of foods with niacin content.

Apart from everything, niacin is also good to prevent osteoarthritis and improve the efficacy of varied oral drug treatments.

The Nootropic Benefits Of Niacin

A striking benefit witnessed is taking niacin for depression and anxiety. Regular intake of niacin reduces headache and other mental stress. Yet another feature that is witnessed is ‘niacin flush’ caused by an overdose of niacin. Here the entire skin flushes and becomes red which may look like a niacin allergy. However, this is not the side effect of niacin and gradually subsides within a couple of hours. It is completely harmless and even induced by doctors in controlled conditions to treat various diseases. Those who have low niacin threshold are advised flush free niacin. This no flush niacin has proved to be an effective medicine to treat and prevent niacin deficiency.

Symptoms Of Niacin Deficiency

Now that you know all the amazing benefits of niacin, you would be eager to know if you have adequate amount of niacin inside your body. You can always resort to niacin supplement benefits in case you are lagging behind in its adequate amount. Normal symptoms of its deficiency include indigestion, fatigue, vomiting, canker sores and depression. In severe deficiency scenario, pellagra ensues which affects the skin, digestion as well as the nervous system. An immediate doctor consultation is required here for proper treatment.

We hope that post reading this; you are rushing to your doctor to begin your niacin medication course!