Come spring and all ladies out there feel the need to welcome a new exciting year with a fresh take on their wardrobes and looks. And nothing says “change” better than a sassy, sexy and cute short haircut to make you look younger and full of life! Either you fancy a pixie, some bangs, a fringed cut or a layered one, this year is all about short hairstyles.

Not long ago, we presented you with the coolest trending hairstyles of 2017, and now we have another treat. You need to take a look at these 15 SHORT hairstyles, all huge this year, all gorgeous, and compiled by the amazing Angela MacKay who is a senior editor of MyNewHairstyles!

1. Statement Layered Volume Hairstyle

The signature mark of this haircut is the volume and texture on top of your head. The other trademark trait is
the sides’ styling close to your head and behind the ears. Such a haircut is suitable to women for wider face shapes and medium texture and density hair. If you apply a styling product to dampen your hair and blow dry your hair while lifting your hair on top to promote volume. A finishing spray will hold your hair in place and you will look amazing all day long.

2. The Pixie with Tapered Sideburns

If you have a round face needing framing, this short haircut is just what you need this summer. The sideburns help enhance your face features. One trick to try if you want to sport this haircut like a diva is
to dye your ends in a dirty blonde shade and your roots darker. This two-nuance pixie creates an optical illusion to make your face look less round.

3. The Temple Shaved Undercut

This hairstyle still looks amazing in 2017 as it did in 2015. Today it is even more appraised because shaved undercuts are all the rage right now. You can opt for a diagonal line crossing your forehead and turn this pixie into a work of art. The visible temple undercut mellows down round feature faces while the side curled bangs add the necessary volume to highlight your natural beauty, skin tone and jaw line.

4. Messy Spiked Out Pixie

This is a pixie that compliments all face shapes and straight or curly hair as well. The messier the better, specialists say, but don’t overdo with the styling products. All you need to do is apply some strong gel on slightly damp strands and dry them with your blower. If you want even more texture and a wild look, use some pomade to rough up the hair.

5. The Steel “It Girl”

We all know that modern fashion and hairstyling finds its inspiration in the glorious days of the past. A new spin on the classic Edie Sedgwick “It Girl” look is meant to turn a woman into a beauty icon, enhancing her strong personality traits. The metallic, steel hues meet the postmodern world’s inclination to everything urban and contemporary. While such a haircut and such color needs daily styling and treatments (especially to preserve the color), we think it is worth your time, as the look is truly amazing.

6. The Angled Super-Short Textured Bob

This is quite a short a-line bob cut sporting plenty of textures and angles, with a fringe cut around the eyes for more beauty and functionality. The hairstyle works in a monochrome color but if you look at the picture closely you will see the two-shade option is indeed the perfect choice. When you style up this hairstyle don’t forget to brush up the top crown a bit for some volume and use your flat iron to get those bangs crisp, neat and well-textured. The cut works best for straight hair but compliments round and long faces alike.

7. The Disconnected Swept Back Pixie

This is quite a sassy short hairstyle as it is styled up and away from your face, leaving the hair short on the sides but longer at the temples. The hair on top is longer than you might expect from a regular pixie cut, but this makes the do even more appealing, as the longer top crown is disconnected from the sides and back. Use a styling product and a blow dryer to lift up the hair on top and finish with a flexible holding hairspray.

8. The Spiky Pixie Inspired by Men

Women do get their inspiration from men quite often and this year the fashion world celebrates both sexes by featuring fluid, unisex and amazing couture. Why should be things different when it comes to hairstyles? Some amazing spiky hairstyles for men are all the rage in 2017, so you have plenty of opportunities to get inspired. If you feel like one of the guys or you want to impress with your bold attitude, the spiky man-driven pixie is just the hairdo you were looking for. It all begins with an edgy pixie which is asymmetrical and sporting a visible undercut. You can stick to a monochrome scheme or you can try a bi-color approach to really stand out in the crowd. The cut works great for round faces as it softens out your face features.

9. The Feathered Pixie

Now this haircut looks both romantic and wild in the same time. You can get it easily, by requesting your hairdresser to make you a simple, basic pixie. The trademark of this haircut, however, lies within the feathered edgy bangs you can style up without much effort. The haircut is recommended to girls with rounder faces, as it helps elongating your features, but it works on other face shapes as well. We recommend you try a darker dye, in black or chocolate brown, but the hairdo fares well with lighter and graded dye shades as well.

10. Shorter than Life Pixie

Don’t get fooled by its name, this haircut is amazing, especially if you resent summer heat and you don’t usually like wasting time on styling. This is a classic pixie but very shortly cut, with slighter long top hair and close-to-the-skin sides. You can spike things up a bit with pomade or a strong styling gel you wildly rub your entire hair with, keeping in mind to push the strands forward. Use your fingers to impose the hair’s direction and finish with a hairspray for durability. This hairdo works well for heart or round face shapes and for fine straight hair or wavy one at most.

11. The Pretty Straightforward Disconnection

If you have an oval face and medium textured and dense hair, this cut will compliment your face features turning you into a style icon. This disconnected hairstyle emphasizes on the top hair being long, layered and styled towards your face, while being disconnected from the sides and back. These are cut very short, neat, and clean around the edges. You can opt for any color but if you love blonde shades, you won’t be wrong to choose this particular hairdo. The styling is easy as well: apply styling products for texture and separation, enhance the look of the longer strands with a flat iron and finish with a holding spray for fullness.

12. The Pixie / Bob Mash up

Bold, beautiful, brilliant: this is how we can describe this particular haircut mixing a pixie on one side and a bob on the other. While recommended more to mature ladies, this haircut compliments young women as well, especially because it suit all face shapes and hairs with medium density and texture. As long as your hairdresser manages to pull off this haircut, the everyday styling is a breeze: apply a styling product on damp hair, use a styling brush and a blow drier for texture and volume and give your hairdo some shine and strength with a fixing spray.

13. All Layers, No Lines

This hairdo is amazing for wider face shapes, but it goes along great with women of any age. The beauty of this haircut lies within the fact that it is super-layered and fringed – even in the back and on the sides. This adds texture, volume and movement to the hair in a very sexy manner. Styling is a walk in the park in case you wondered: apply a styling product on damp hair and encourage volume on the crown area using a blow dryer and a brush (or your fingers). You can also smooth the longer strands with a flat iron for more visibility and finish up the work with a fixing hairspray.

14. The Hairstyle Speaking Volumes about Beauty

The secret of this haircut is to allow as much volume as possible on the sides while sporting a side-part and a fringe. This is a haircut best suiting longer face shapes and medium textured and dense hair of any color. Styling doesn’t require much effort: damp hair needs just a little bit of a styling product and you can finish the look by using a blow dryer and a round brush for more volume and texture. You can also use a heat protection spray and use a flat iron to smooth the longer strands. Set the whole thing up with a fixing hairspray and you are good to go! In case you want to truly make a change, check out the trendiest hair colors of this year to get inspired!

15. Bob Crescent Moon Hairstyle

Now this is a stellar look we have and one easily achieved by mixing a 1920’s swooping bob with a contemporary pixie that is bluntly cut. Excellent choice for straight hair with medium density and texture, this hairdo does wonders to wavy ringlets as well. Make sure your damp short strands are perfectly combed down to keep their pixie look and use a blow drier or a flat iron for smoothness, texture and volume. The crescent moon shape needs a bit of attention so make use of a flat iron to sweeten the deal with the bob side of the haircut. A strong fixing hairspray will finish things up.
Which of these short haircuts do you fancy most? Have you ever tried one of them or are you just getting inspired?


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