You have probably heard of geodes, one of nature’s surprising miracles. Geodes are rocks, with a surprise inside. Created by volcanic activity, these ones never stop amazing everyone.They look ordinary from outside, but have a secret inside. When cut, you can see that geodes have crystals inside. They have become so popular lately. Incorporating these wonderful natural creations in decorations sounds like a good idea. The examples I have today for you will be inspiration. Find out why geode terrarium is the new trend nowadays!

You can decorate your home with plant terrariums, which look stunning. Also, you can decorate terrariums. And probably the best way to do it is to incorporate some geodes. These unique creations of Mother Nature will make your terrarium outstanding. Big or small, they will definitely do the trick.

Adding a geode to a terrarium will make it special. As you can see, large or small pieces can be incorporated. Depends on your own taste and the effect you want to achieve. You need to choose a proper glass terrarium. The size depends on your needs. Small or big, it depends on you.

Small hanging terrariums look adorable! Plant your favorite plants. Succulents and cactus will be good choice, as they will look amazing, and also will survive the small space. Add some small geodes into it. You have your own beautiful geode terrarium that will be the perfect decor for your home!