Those people who have a sister are very lucky. Even though at the end of the day, they’re still siblings and arguments can still happen, sisters have a special bond between them that brings them a lot closer. Obviously, being both females, they have similar interests and they can learn from each other about what’s happening in the every day world, and the younger one can take a lot of advice from the older one about love and other similar stuff.

If both you and your sister are old enough, or if your parents give consent and allow you, how about these ingenious sister tattoo ideas to show the world around you that you two have a special bond?

1. Foot tattoos

With an interesting style.

2. Birdies!

This one makes sense if you have more than one sister.

3. A fusion of kawaii, cosplay and Yin Yang

What’s not to like, right?

4. Only one of them has the key

5. Birth years and swings

Showing some true love here.

6. Holding hands

7. Simple kitten art

If you and your big sis love cats as much as the next person.

8. Saturn and a spaceship

If the two of you have a fascination with everything beyond the sky. These two sisters have even got matching nails!

9. Held by a string

10. Lil sis and big sis

11. Connected shapes

Incredibly simple but still very cool!

12. Some more Yin Yang

13. The journey of a paper airplane

14. Lovely owls

Who remembers that video? That owl that really liked to get stroked.