Hello everyone,

I recently wrote a post on the best makeup sponges available in the market, which highlighted the benefits of applying your makeup with a beauty blender or a makeup sponge. If you want to give a flawless, smooth, even and very natural looking finish to your makeup, then using a makeup sponge is the best way to achieve that look. Your beauty blender or makeup sponge can be used with a variety of makeup products, including foundation, powder, concealer, blush, contour, and bronzer.

In this post, I will show you how you can get the best out of your liquid foundation by using a beauty blender.

1. Always start with a clean beauty blender

The key to applying your liquid foundation evenly and effectively across your face is to start with a clean and well-moisturized face and a clean beauty blender. By using a dirty beauty blender, not only will you be spreading the germs across your face, but you will also prevent the makeup from applying evenly. So, always make sure to start with a super clean beauty blender.

2. It’s best to wet your beauty blender before use

When applying liquid foundation, always make sure that you wet your beauty blender thoroughly under a running tap. Next, squeeze out all the excess water well so that the beauty blender remains damp. When you use a damp beauty blender, you prevent the sponge from drinking up your liquid foundation. A damp beauty blender also provides a very natural and dewy finish to the makeup on your skin. So, remember never to use the beauty blender dry.

3. Dot the foundation evenly across your face

Before you use the beauty blender, it is best to dot the foundation evenly across your face or wherever you would like the most coverage. By doing so, you minimize the wastage of the product and allow the beauty blender to evenly spread out the foundation across your face without much effort.

4. Apply your foundation with a stippling motion

Never drag the beauty blender across your face. This will defeat its very purpose. Instead, gently dab it on your face in a stippling motion. This will allow the liquid foundation to mesh with your skin and will provide a natural and even finish. Keep in mind that it takes a little longer to work your foundation into the skin when using a beauty blender (as opposed to a brush). But the extra time taken is totally worth it because it gives you the most natural and radiant finish.

5. Press into the skin for a seamless finish

Once you have stippled the foundation into your skin, take a few extra minutes to gently press the foundation into your skin. This will help blur out any obvious foundation lines or edges.

6. Spray a facial mist or setting product onto the sponge

This is optional, but at this point, you could spray a setting mist or facial mist onto your sponge. This will do two things — in case, your foundation is looking too heavy or cakey, this will take care of that. A makeup setting product, on the other hand, will seal in the foundation and ensure that it lasts all day long without creasing.

7. Finish by bouncing the beauty blender on your face

Finally, take the bouncy and more rounded end of the beauty blender and bounce it all across your face for an absolutely even and natural finish. At this point, you could repeat the process of wetting and squeezing out the beauty blender so that it is adequately damp for this process.

8. Clean the beauty blender and allow it to dry

Make sure to clean your beauty blender thoroughly after every use and set it to dry. This will prevent germs and bacteria from growing on the surface and it will save you the effort of cleaning your sponge before you need to use the next time. Make sure to let your beauty blender dry completely before storing it away.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com