Planning your big wedding day means planning every single detail there is to plan and making sure not to forget anything. From invitations to decorations, from nails to the wedding dress, you want everything to be perfect. If you are a lover of small details, you will want your nails to look dreamy. If you want to experience a fairytale manicure, these are some ideas to think about. Don’t let anyone fool you that wedding nails are boring because they can be the highlight of the wedding. After you, of course.

Are you ready to tie the knot yet? If yes, bear in mind that you will fall in love with at least one of these nail styles.

1. Ocean breeze nail pattern.

Whether you chose blue or you are having a seaside destination wedding, this shade says you are ready to make this day unforgettable. Imagine a seaside wedding and all eyes on your nails.

2. Wear a bouquet that you don’t have to throw away.

You will adore this floral rose design because your nails will look like a beautiful bouquet. And the flowers are all yours!

3. Keeping it simple can look lovely.

This low key pattern will make both your nails and your dress so noticeable. You can also make the shade of your nails match the dress of the bridal party.

4. Put Mrs on your nails.

This is a daring style that brides do to point out that they are more than ready to get married. And there is nothing cuter.

5. Sip some gold!

Imagine how your ring will shine having nails like these below.

6. Walk down the aisle looking like a princess.

Looking all royal, this nail style will definitely fit you. Look at those pearly details! I’m melting…

7. Subtlety can bring you an elegant look.

If you are not so extravagant, and you want your nails to match your personality, this is the right choice for you. Make sure you preserve the details on the ring finger. In this photo, the design is matching the ring! Less is more.

8. Go simple, but with great design.

The way the pink fades to white in this design provides a luscious sense of vibrant energy, which will make your ring stand out. The little stones in the centre of the flowers are my absolute favorites!

9. Grow a 3D garden with your nails.

This garden on your nails will be in full bloom on your big day! You will always have it with you by looking at the wedding photos.

10. Rocking it with this rock nails pattern.

Let the world know that you are going to get married with this unique style. People will be simply amazed!

11. Be different and mingle different styles.

Why not putting the finishing touch on your lucky finger? Add another design on the other nail, and your nails will look unique.

12. Choose scarlet red.

It will perfectly go with other red details on your wedding day.

13. Highlight your ring finger in an unusual way.

Nothing will bring out the beauty of your ring like making your outfit beautifully reflect that. Why not making the ring finger stand out, too?

14. Make your nails wild with this design.

These nails will perfectly go with a simple wedding dress, and you won’t even need a ring, to be honest. I’m joking. Not yet. But the ring will outshine them, probably.

15. Put your wedding ceremony into your nails.

This delightful design includes a design for the bride, their partner, and some bridesmaids that makes every finger shine in its own way. The diamond bow tie is so cute!

16. When you don’t want to be traditional, chose this style.

Your nails will shine like a diamond!

Source: metdaan.com