Having beautiful eyes is very common, but having a unique color of the eyes due to genetic factors is simply amazing. There is so much magnificence in the diversity that the world has to offer. And having an exceptional ‘eye colour’ is a physical trait that many desire. Eyes are indeed the window to the soul, and here is a collection of eyes looking radiant, beautiful, and in different colors. These are so unique that it maks you think how nature is always awe-inspiring.

1. A perfect contrast of warm skin tone and bright-colored eyes.

This contrast stresses the beauty of the eyes even more. Once you see them, you won’t want to look away. They look quite remarkable. The blueness of her eyes looks so calming. Her skin colour and colour of her eyes as a combination is also very enchanting.

2. Another shade of blue.

It is so hard to look away from her blue eyes.

3. Yet another contrast of skin color and eyes that make your jaw drop!

These sisters are so blessed!

4. These eyes that look greener than ever.

5. Profoundly blue!

6. Lover-of-life eyes

7. Dancing eyes.

8. Another dimension of blue.

9. You can see happiness in these dark and shiny eyes.

10. Flecks of blue, green, and grey.

11. Her scarf matches her eyes beautifully.

12. Have you seen anything more beautiful?

13. Maybe this little baby whose eyes are like the sky.

14. Every reflection goes into his eyes.

15. Her eyes speak her mind.

16. The sky is not the limit.

17. These aqua blue eyes are stunning!

Those aqua blue eyes, so perfect!

18. She is a turquoise fantasy!

Source: metdaan.com