Braids never go out of style, and we don’t want them to. What’s better than a beautiful braid when our hair is a mess? They always come to the rescue and we appreciate it. What you haven’t seen, might be this 2 minute rope braid which is perfect for long hair.

The famous Youtuber, Emily is a mom to five kids but that doesn’t stop her posting every day. She posts almost daily videos about hairstyles, cooking, adventures, photography, health and fitness etc. She created this channel to learn new things and to help us too. With no further a do, let’s get into the rope braid hairstyle.

Items used:

  • dry shampoo
  • hair brush
  • 1 hair tie
  • hair spray


You will start with a dry shampoo even if your hair is clean, to add more volume. And then brush your hair smoothly.


After you brush your hair, start making the braid on top of your hair and then when you’re in the middle don’t braid but twist your hair to the end.


When you finish everything, secure it with a hair tie and spritz some hairspray to make it last longer. You’re done!

If you enjoyed this rope braid and would like to see the full instructions, click down below!


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