The Kardashians really raised the bar for the perfect-looking brow since the beginning of their show and the rise of their family to stardom! If the very thin brow was all the rage in the early 2000s, now the natural, thick brow is the one to end all brows!

Luckily, I stand somewhere in between, however I do have some patches of hairs missing in my brows that I fill up daily to make sure my brows look on fleek!
Here are some pivotal steps on how to create a perfect brow!

1. Brow Wax

Make sure to remove any extra hairs and establish a blueprint on how you want your eye brows to be shaped!

2. Choose A Stencil

Go through many different types of stencils. They differ in the way the arc is shaped as well as the length of the tail etc. Choose the stencil that might complement your bone structure the most.

3. Line It Up

Afgter you have chosen the right stencil for you, place it above your eye brow and outline the outer edges of your brow.

4. Apply Color

When we decide that we are ready outlining, we are going over with filling in the brow. You want to fill in the root part first, and do not overdo on the pencil!

5. Halfway There

Keep a steady hand and take your time!

6. Fill It In

If needed, line out a couple of layers above the arc to ‘raise’ it up a bit. Make sure that it looks as natural as possible.

7. Touch-up

Go back with your brush and gently fill in some left out patches!

8. Widen

If you want a more dramatic look, widen the inner part of your eye brow.

9. Finished!

There we go! The perfectly filled eyebrow!

10. Do It Again

Clean your stencil and go on over the other side.