Check these amazing nail hacks if you are doing your manicure at home. You will learn how you can DIY your nails very simply and professionally without the mess. From now on you will save your manicure money.

1. What you need to have in your manicure kit.

2. Learn the nail shapes.

3. If you run out of nail polish remover you can use alternatives.

4.DIY sponge jar.

5. If you have stubborn gel polish.

Soak gauze in acetone and then wrap the gauze with tin-foil around each nail. After 5 minutes, the gel polish should come off easily.

6. How to clean up the edges later!

Make sure you don’t get it on the nail, or the polish won’t stick.

7. Learn how to apply the perfect coat with this handy diagram.

8. Guide to a basic manicure.

9. Benefits of nail care.

10. Ombre nails.

11. Make matte polish!

12. Use tape to create glossy/matte two-toned nails.

13. Apply thin tape for more intricate patterns.


14. Use tape even for your traditional french manicure.

15. Create amazing fade effect by mixing different amounts of white polish with your favorite color.

16. Make layered stripes with a fan brush.

17. Create amazing miniature nail art.

Sharpies are great for lettering or little pictures.

18. Metallic sharpies are amazing for creating patterns.

19. If you don’t want to risk drawing freehand you can use a gold leaf.

20. Use bobby pins to make perfect polka dots.

21. Keep your cuticles healthy with DIY cuticle oil.