If it’s trending on Instagram, it must be good, right? Wrong, but that doesn’t mean many of the things that are trending aren’t indeed popular for a reason. Straight out of that bracket, we bring you a great video by MakeupWearables Tutorials from a few days ago which explores the process behind three trendy braided styles which have been creating ripples on social media recently.

1. Half-up half-knot

2. Baby Mohawk braided ponytail

3. The same hairstyle with a bun

MakeupWearables is a DIY channel which was started to “help girls do pretty things to their own hair,” and it sure delivers on its promise week in, week out. Hosted by the beautiful Tina, who will teach you how to do cute & easy, everyday hairstyles, perfect for long or medium length hair, the channel also has plenty of tutorials on beautiful heatless curls, 5-minute easy hairstyles, and elegant updos with braids.

As one Youtube user remarked in the comments section, “I make these hairstyles very often… but ur small, small tricks will make it look even better,” and sure enough, as always, the devil is in the details as you can see for yourselves in the full tutorial. Check it out!

Source: metdaan.com