Being back at school or going to work, means that we have to wake up every day and get ready before actually going there. And sometimes, when you use makeup constantly, your skin needs a break. Foundation is the one who does all the coverage so it’s good sometimes to skip on that and just let your face take a breather.

YouTuber Christen Dominique recently posted a video showing how we can make a look work without foundation. You can totally look glam and natural at the same time. Also, even if you have a zit or breakout, it doesn’t mean that you can’t cover it out without foundation. Watch and learn, keep scrolling.


It’s very important to moisturize your skin first and then start on the other face products. After you moisturize, you probably want to hide your dark circles so this is why Christen is using a concealer and then blends it all out. To add more definition to her face, she contours using the KKW Powder Contouring Kit. To hide any spots or zits you can just add some concealer and tap smoothly on it without actually blending it all out. A natural and not so glowy highlighter and the setting spray are the final touches.


She wants to still keep things easy going by adding a brown eyeshadow to her eyelids and then blending it out smoothly. The makeup artist puts eyelashes on to add more drama to the eyes but if you like you can totally skip on this step. For the brows, she uses a pencil stick and goes through her form by making them darker and sharper


Since the look is very neutral, she finishes the look with a more bold color which is a Mac lipstick in color Mahogany.

If you guys want to see the video, click down below and enjoy!