Do you have poker straight hair and dream about luscious curls that simply radiate sex appeal?

With the three different techniques you will see in the video, it has never been easier to reach that seemingly unreachable goal of having rich, bouncy curls.

This video is part of the #hairstyle tutorial brought to you by the popular Luxy Hair Youtube channel. In this episode, the beautiful Karin takes on the task that seems daunting to so many women: creating a curly hairstyle out of straight hair.

Two of the three methods shown by Karin are heatless, and all three are super simple and straightforward. With this under-8-minute tutorial, you won’t need a lot of time nor much effort to attain the look you’ve always wanted.

Make sure to check out the rest of the #hairstyle tutorial to find out the effortless ways to do braids,buns, updos or waves.



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