I have a complete fascination with tattoos. There are just so many beautiful, unique, and intricate designs that people can get inked with nowadays. And if you know me at all, you know I also have a fascination with jewelry. Combine these two forces and you’re presented with the coolest concept ever: jewelry tattoos. For those of us who are notorious for losing things, jewelry tattoos are the perfect solution. From rings to bracelets to anklets, there are tons of killer tattoo ideas out there. So even if you’re not the type to get inked yourself, keep on scrolling and feast your eyes on a list of 16 tattoos that serve as amazingly beautiful replacements for jewelry.

1. These henna-inspired bracelet and ring tattoos are so beautiful. The commitment factor was totally worth it here.

2. This intricate anklet tattoo is AMAZING. I especially love the dainty, draped chain designs!

3. I pretty much love all tattoos involving flowers and I now have a new favorite. This floral, fine line bracelet design is so whimsical!

4. What a beautiful alternative to traditional engagement rings! These matching North Star tattoos definitely appeal to the unconventional, bohemian side of me.

5. This flowing script tattoo is so pretty! I love how it just looks like a bracelet that she’s paired with her other jewelry.

6. #Tattoogoals. These leafy bracelet and ring tattoos are the perfect choice for the extreme nature-lover.

7. I’m absolutely obsessed with this dainty star bracelet tattoo. I would legitimately consider getting something like this done myself!

8. Again, this tattoo is totally appealing to my love of stars. Anklet tattoos are the perfect choice if you want some ink that can be easily hidden.

9. This minimalist, draped chain tattoo is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. How lovely and unique!

10. Dainty and darling! This bracelet tattoo totally reminds me of a charm bracelet and the chain-style ring matches perfectly.

Source: www.diply.com

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