We all admire perfect curls, but the truth is, sometimes they take work. But lucky for us, sometimes that work takes only 5 minutes!

Kayley Melissa shows us the ways to do our hair in five minutes, and when we imagine that it would only that much time to look like her, well… sign us in!

And there’s not only one way, but three!

Structure Ringlet

  1. Start by brushing your favorite heat protector through your locks.
  2. Split your hair in half, from the ears up, and pin that layer on top of your head. Then separate your hair in half, with one-half over your left shoulder and one over your right.
  3. Curl each half on a 3/4″ iron until you feel the hair has heated up. Then pull out your iron and release the curl gently into your hand.
  4. Let the top layer down, separating the layer to the left and right of your head.
  5. Section each side into three sections, curling as you did in Step 3.
  6. Once every section is curled, hit your head with a smoothing spray.
  7. If you like your look a little more tousled, flip your hair and scrunch it with some texture spray.

Beach Waves & Curls

  1. This hairstyle starts the night before. Dampen your hair before bed and French braid it.
  2. The next day, un-do your braid and part your hair naturally.
  3. If you’d like a more structured curl, add a few curls with a smaller iron throughout your hair.
  4. Run your fingers through and add a little shine/scrunch spray.

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