Everyone wants a big bushy eyebrow but not everyone is blessed with them. I honestly think that eyebrows are the most important part of your face. All you need is to have them done to look natural, makeup free and still gorgeous.

There are a lot of techniques if you want thicker eyebrows, from makeup to brow tattoos. If you are feeling insecure about them and are tired of putting makeup every day on, you can always go for the latest trend everyone seems to be in love with: Tattooing eyebrows.

“too YouTuber Fashion Mumblr gets her eyebrows done and shares her journey with us. The whole process. The result is absolutely amazing and you can see they are far from much”.

Actually, the result is so fresh and beautiful you can barely notice the eyebrows have been tampered with. If you want to see every little detail about this whole process then check the video down below. Enjoy!