Brides would definitely want to look great and beautiful on the wedding day. Everything from hair, dress, accessories, etc has to be stunning to make the big day perfect. While everything has to look faultless, what about the nails? Obviously, we can add details to nails to compliment your over all look. The right manicure will make your look more glamorous and elegant.  There are thousands of manicure ideas for brides from simple to special ones. If you are on the hunt for the perfect and trendy wedding nails, here are a few ideas you can check out. You can even upgrade and personalize these manicure ideas to get the flawless wedding day look.

Unique Wedding Manicure Ideas

Classic Manicure

Pink is always classy and when a pink nail shade is dusted with glitter, it looks awesome.  If you are looking for a simple yet out of the ordinary ideas, this combination will suit you the best. A golden dusting at the tip of the nails or around one side of each nail will give a cool and multidimensional effect. It will be traditional and also up-to-the-minute. Brides will love this glamorous take on the bridal nails and it can be worn past wedding day with ease.

A Modish Idea

A pastel color nail paint or off-white nail paint titivated with a small triangle of sparkling stones at the moon of the nail will create an exceptional look.  The nails will stand out when it comes in contact with the dress. The stones will catch the attention of everyone. It will be simple yet unique. This idea will give a lighthearted womanly look for the bride. Being a little out there with bright colors like bluish green instead of neutral colors will make you look fearless.

Substitute for Red Nails

Red is the color that flashes immediately when we talk about bridal manicure ideas. Red is feminine, glamorous and classic. It is always the greatest backdrop to show off your striking wedding ring. However, there are edgy alternatives, which brides can try as a replacement to red, for example, violet, plum color, etc. It will give the same flattering effects and sleeker look of a red paint still will be a distinctive idea. Conservative brides, who do not want to experiment too much with fashion can go for this. Your nails will be notable against your stunning wedding dress.

An Impressive Blue

Although this will look very simple and easy, your nail will stand out and for sure will be noticed by people around you. Pull off simple blue nail paint and get set for the big day or design it using gemstones and even small pearls.  A baby blue or navy or even cobalt nail paint will look dazzling. If you are not sure about a plain blue manicure, go for blue nail tips. Neutral color nail paint finished with baby blue tips will look perfect for the day.

Micro Beads

Delicate and small micro beads are fun and trendy manicure ideas for contemporary brides. Caviar manicure also called the 3D manicure will be attractive and solid. First, coat the nails with a good and clear gel coat to hold the micro beads and then coat the bead on the top with the clear polish again to make the beads stick to nails for hours. A white or any pastel color nail paint will look pretty with the beads. You can either choose multicolored beads or contrast hued beads to go with your lovely dress.

Lace Manicure

A lace pattern on nails without any doubt will be the ideal manicure for the wedding day. You cannot go wrong with lace, as it matches perfectly with your dress.  The color may be just white lace on pink base, but will actually draw the attention of people. It will be a perfect manicure to compliment the gorgeous wedding dress.  First, start with the base of light pink nail paint and then place a slice of the appliqué lace over it with the help of nail clippers. This idea can be neutral, but no other manicure idea can make a bride swoon more than this one.


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