Sometimes we get used to one makeup look and it’s our go-to look every day. And I mean, day after day, after day, which can be considered a crime really, when there are so many options and makeup looks, right? Especially with all these images and tutorials online, which can teach even the most clueless of us how to correctly practice this art form.

Below you will find examples that show just how gorgeous makeup can be. You’ll also feel a rush of inspiration to copy some of these, whether it’s a theme party or a night out.

Let’s see them:

There’s so much gold and stars in this look, she’s like a walking Old Hollywood.

I really, really need this holographic makeup look.

Crystals growing from the face look? I need this for work tomorrow. This is truly art.

Who would think that having a whole crown on your lid could look so subtle and gentle?

That highlighter game, though.

You can’t go wrong with rainbows.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of makeup, especially when it’s as wonderful as this. Which one would you copy? I’m kind of obsessing over the crown now, it’s such a lovely theme for a birthday or a wedding even. Share what you think in the comments!