The US based Annies Forget Me Knots channel offers tutorials with every hairstyle imaginable; from quick everyday styles to edgy style and formal updos.

I feel like the messy bun has a special place in many girls’ and boys’ heart, since we can rock it so well! It’s probably the easiest way to look chic in a very short span of time! With just as little the effort!

Messy Bun Number 1

Start by dry washing your hair if you feel like it’s needed. Tie your hair with an elastic band. On your last pull-through, you are going to leave some hair out and wrap it around again around the entire bun. Pull it apart from every direction. This gives your bun the much needed volume! Pin the bun in place so it won’t move.

Messy Bun Number 2

This is a variation of the previous bun, except it is placed a little lower, somewhat beneath the crown area. The only other thing that’s different is that the parting is a bit right from the center, so it gives a totally different look to the bun. This can be worn on a more formal night out!

Messy Bun Number 3

Flip your hair upside down to make the bun sit much higher this time around. On the last pull-through, you are going to leave a loop-like little bun. The tail that’s formed from the rest of your hair you are going to tuck back in into the elastic. Please refer to the video for a better representation. Tug it out and pin the bun safely to your head!

Messy Bun Number 4

We are doing the ponytail once again. The position is at the peak of your crown. On your last pull-through you are going to spread the little bun like a donut around the root, wrapping the ban around the newly-formed little bun.

Pull it around as much as you want and tuck the ends back inside the elastic!

Messy Bun Number 5

Messy Bun Number 5 is barely messy. It is more of a polished bun. Twist your hair upwards in a cord.

Let it fall into place while making a bun.

Wrap it up.

Repeat the same finishing touches as you would on those previous buns.

Messy Bun Number 6

Divide your ponytail into three sections. Split the first section into two and twist the pieces around each other.

When you get to the end, you are going to pull out a little piece of hair, and slide the rest of the hair down that one, tugging it a little bit. Tuck it under the elastic band. Refer to the video if something’s not quite clear! Repeat the same procedure for the remaining two sections.

Thanks to this channel, I also learned one nifty trick! Namely, she is using an eye brow gel instead of hair spray to put those little baby hairs in place or any hairs that are sticking out! That’s smart!

Check the buns out, tell us how you like them!


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