Inthis FimoKawaiiEmotions Christmas edition video, you will find out six everyday things that you might be doing wrong.

Using a wooden spoon when cooking, keeping a bag of potato chips fresh or opening a box of Tic Tacs might all seem pretty straightforward. But there might be an easier and more effective way of doing all those things.

Also, you will find out what’s the best coaster for a McDonald’s cup. And how not to struggle when trying to puncture a juice box with a straw.

FimoKawaiiEmotions is an unusual but very cool vlog run by Agazio from Italy. He likes to share his cool projects and ideas with his fans, and his Youtube following has quadrupled in less than six months.

Check out Agazio’s channel too! His numerous creative hacks are bound to make you both smile and make your life much easier.


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