Ifyou have a lot of cardboard left over after the Christmas holidays, do not throw it away.

There is a simple, yet effective and productive way to re-use what may initially seem as trash. Not only will you be doing a great favor to nature, but you will be improving your living space simultaneously.

What can we do with cardboard?

This ten-minute DIY video tutorial from Isa’s World will show you how to turn that cardboard that’s just lying around into a vintage corner bookcase complete with doors. If you’re not much of a handyman – do not despair: Isa’s step-by-step approach is easy to follow even for laymen beginners.

Check out Isa’s World for more similar videos. This Youtube channel offers numerous Do It Yourself videos about creating arts and crafts through the re-use of recyclable products. You can also find tutorials about makeup, beauty, fashion, personal care and hairstyles.