Large pores are a big skin concern. And even if you are trying to hide those large pores with the help of makeup then also it will serve no purpose. It is because large pores emphasize your makeup and thus highlight them more. And if you are suffering from really large and visible pores, then there is seriously very less that you can do. But there are a number of laser treatments available in the market which can help you in case of large pores. Let’s have a look at the following given laser treatments which will help to shrink large pores on face permanently.

1. Non-Ablative 1540 or 1440 Laser Treatment:

This involves 3-4 sessions depending on your skin type. Here, the laser goes and penetrates deep into your skin, so that a new collagen production is enhanced and thus, your pores will get disappeared and smaller or it can even get compressed at the same time.

2. 2940 Ablative Fractional Laser Resurfacing:

This is a non-ablative treatment which is very much like an actual laser skin peel. Your entire skin will be peeled and it will remain red for some 5-7 days. But this treatment is much gentler when compared to the old CO2 laser resurfacing.

3. Fractional Laser Technology:

This is the newest form of laser treatment. Here, new collagen production is boosted so that your larger pores are shrunk and there is new skin production. This has proven to be very successful even with the sensitive and mature skin type.

4. AFT Technology:

This is a light device which is perfect and gentle to be used on all skin types. This device deeply penetrates into the skin and helps in the production of new collagen so that your overall skin is much brighter, smooth and refined. Also, pores also eventually shrink down with this technology.

5. Pixel Perfect Technology:

Here, the skin goes under a self-exfoliation technology. The old skin which had pore issues goes away or is rather scrubbed away and, in return, you get a new skin which is incredibly soft and is much brighter.

6. Clearlift:

This is a US-FDA approved technique which helps in boosting the skin. This is specifically targeted towards skin having pore issues. This induces collagen production into the skin which makes the skin much more elastic and also makes it brighter over time.

So, these were some of the best and extremely effective laser treatments to shrink large pores on your face. Do add if you know some more laser treatments in the comments down below.


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