Some of us have really short eyelashes but this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy those dramatic eyes. You can still make those short eyelashes work with your eyelash curler. Given below are some of the easy tips and tricks which will help to make use of your eyelash curler for your short eyelashes.

1. Closer look:

Just take the eyelash curler as close to your lashes as possible. Of course, don’t hurt yourself in this process.

2. Try to cover all:

Make sure that all the lashes are inside your eyelash curler. If any of the lashes are left outside, then it will not give the perfect fuller eyes look. Make sure that if you are using a curved eyelash curler, then the curved part should point outside.

3. Close:

Close the eyelash curler gently taking all the lashes together, very slowly. Now, squeeze them lightly and give them a quick pulsating motion.

4. Repeat:

Repeat the same process with the middle portion of your eyelashes. You might have observed that makeup artists do the same at the middle and at the root too. This will ensure that you get the desired effect.

5. Repeat the same again:

Now, you need to repeat the same process at the tip of your eyelashes too. Many of you might see that in case of shorter eyelashes, it is difficult to distinguish between the tip and the middle part. That’s true. So, try to do at least the roots and the tip or whichever is comfortable for you. The idea is to repeat the process throughout the eyelashes.

6. Complete with mascara:

Applying mascara is a simple step but it will give a beautifully dramatic look to your eyes. This will ensure that you get the perfect eyes with long lashes.

These were some of the easy steps to make an eyelash curler work on short eyelashes. Hope this helps. Let us know if you want to add any more information in the comments down below.