If you ever feel like you need some beauty inspiration, you’ll probably find it on Pinterest. It’s the ultimate resource for all types of beauty advice. And it’s users always come up with innovative styles and techniques when it comes to getting glam. So, don’t get surprised to find some clever makeup hacks there.

If you are looking to change your makeup routine in the morning, you will definitely want to know these six popular makeup tricks from Pinterest.

1. Fill your lips perfectly

Putting lipstick can often be a messy task so you should definitely try this hack from Beauty Tips Galore. If you don’t have a lip liner then just start making marks at these parts of your lips and connect the lines to a lusciously smooth look.

2. Use scotch tape for the perfect cat eye

Getting a “cat eye” can often be a challenge but you can actually make your life easier with a scotch tape. You can use a piece of the tape and place it under your eyes angling it towards your temple. Then, you can begin lining your eye and use the tape to guide your liner when you come to the edge.

Once you remove the tape, you will have a straight line. Check it out:

3. A spoon can help prevent under-eye mascara smudges

It can be very tricky to apply mascara to your bottom lashes without getting your eyes smudged. Anyways, this problem can be simply avoided by using a plastic spoon. A simple tip from beauty guru Michelle Phan.

4. Shape your brows perfectly

This diagram from Jane Iredale Cosmetics can help you fill your brows in the right way. By using your nose as a guide, you can exactly find where your eyebrow should start.

5. Always test your foundation color on your neck first

Even though we often test foundations on our hand, it turns out the color of our hands differs from that of our faces. So, test the colors below your jawline on your neck to find the perfect shade.

6. Flip around your eyeliner tip to make it last longer

Don’t you just hate running out of a new product? Well, when it comes to eyeliner, you can extend their life longer with this simple hack. If the pen runs dry, then remove the tip and just flip it around. You’ll be surprised when you see how much is left still.

Source: metdaan.com

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