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Dry patches are not only related to dry skin; even beauties with oily skin can experience dry patches on the face. Dry patches are usually a result of skin’s retaliation to the changing weather or wrong skin care products. Sometimes, these dry patches can be painful and irritate the skin. Moreover, you cannot use your regular skin care products for dry patches unless you have a dry skin type. These dry patches are easy to spot treat. In this post, I have stated a few precautions and some remedies to deal with these dry patches on the face. So, let’s get into the details.

Skip harsh ingredients

The products with harsh ingredients tend to strip off the moisture from your face, leaving it dry and vulnerable. This could lead to the formation of or worsen dry patches. When it comes to facial cleansers, choose the products with a soap-free formula to prevent your skin from getting dry. For toner, do not swipe the toner having alcohol as a base or meant for normal to oily skin over dry patches. Overall, keep your dry patches clear of any ingredient that can dry out your skin.

Skip hot and long showers

Nothing can beat the soothing effect of a hot and long shower. But, a hot and long shower can have negative impacts on your skin. A long and hot shower damages the topmost layer of the skin and leaves it vulnerable to moisture loss. Moreover, it can strip off the natural oil, making dry patches prominent. To avoid such situations, cut short your shower duration and soak yourself in warm water instead of hot.

Do not over cleanse

Cleansing your face more than twice a day can worsen the situation of dry patches on the face. Moreover, if you are not using a soap-free cleanser, then harsh ingredients along with over cleansing will make your skin dry, dull and patchy. It will become much harder to treat dry patches. Thus, try to cleanse your face twice a day only with a soap-free and non-drying facial cleanser.

Do not over exfoliate

Though exfoliation is important in order to treat those dry patches, do not exploit those patches. It will only lead to irritated and broken skin, which is more painful than having dry patches. Over exfoliation can lead to more dry and patchy skin along with dullness. When done under a limit, exfoliation can do wonders to the skin. Be very careful while using chemical exfoliants.

Indulge in facial oils

Mostly dry patches need to be spot treated and facial oils are one of the best options available. Facial oils are quite effective in treating those pesky dry patches that are the result of the seasonal change. The facial oils lock in the moisture and prevent skin from getting dry or patchy. Moreover, it makes skin smoother and softer. With the regular use of facial oils, you can see those dry patches vanishing.

Use a hydrating serum

If your skin tends to have dry patches now and then, always keep a hydrating serum handy. Whether your dry patches are the result of seasonal change or dehydration, a hydrating serum can fix them easily. A hydrating serum can be used to spot treat the dry patches or on the entire face. It will keep the skin hydrated and make the cell membrane healthier. This way, your skin will start looking glowing and nourished in no time.

Overnight treatments

Your skin repairs faster when you’re asleep. Anything you apply on your skin at night is directly reflected the next morning. These overnight masks create a barrier over your skin and prevent moisture loss, making skin soft and supple. Thus, a good hydrating overnight mask will be a perfect choice to treat those dry patches. Alternatively, you can apply a coat of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly over dry patches at the end of your skin care routine to lock in the moisture.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is a great moisturizer and it offers anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, too. It effectively helps in treating dry patches. The antioxidants, minerals and vitamins present in aloe vera gel nourish dry patches and keep them moisturized. You can use a fresh aloe leaf or organic aloe vera gel. To treat those dry patches with aloe vera, massage it over the dry patches and leave it on for as long as you desire. Rinse it off with normal water later.

Glycerin and rose water

Glycerin is an amazing emollient that locks the moisture in by creating a barrier. It effectively prevents moisture loss from the skin. Rose water soothes dry patches and hydrates the skin effectively. To use, take a teaspoon of glycerin and a tablespoon full of rose water. Mix them well and apply on the dry patches. Leave it on for a few hours and then rinse it off with normal water. If possible, follow this treatment at night for better results.

Papaya and watermelon face pack

The natural acids and enzymes present in these fruits exfoliate the skin effectively, sloughing off the dead skin cells. In turn, this pack makes skin smoother and treats dry patches. As a result, the skin is nourished, hydrated and moisturized enough to prevent dry patches from reappearing. For fruit face pack, take an equal amount of mashed papaya and watermelon. You can add a little milk powder as well. Apply this over dry patches and leave it on for 20 minutes. Later, rinse it off with normal water. Repeat the procedure thrice a week for maximum benefits.