Today, I am back with an article on “Ways to use a beauty blender makeup sponge”. This article is especially for those girls who think that they can use their makeup sponges only to apply liquid foundations. Stay tuned makeup-o-holics!

1. As an eraser:

If you are also clumsy and experience a makeup mishap every now and then and tend to panic and remove all your makeup in a jiffy, beauty blender will be a savior for you. All you have to do for your mistakes is rub it away with a dry beauty blender. The texture of a dry beauty blender works pretty much as an eraser and is an effective way to correct a crooked wing or feathering lipstick. However, remember that you have to use the blender in a rubbing motion and not dab with it.

2. To apply cream blushes and cheek tints:

You can put on pretty much any blush with the help of beauty blender but cream blushes and cheek tints make for a better option than powder ones as you might get overboard with the powdered ones while using a sponge. To apply cream blushes or tints with the help of a makeup sponge, you take a bit of product on your fingertips and put three small dots on your cheekbones and then gently diffuse the pigment in light dabbing and sweeping motion. You can build up the intensity if needed but always begin with the small amount of product at first.

3. To contour:

To use your beauty blender for contouring purposes, you first put the product onto the places that you want to contour, wet your beauty blender a little and then blend everything in. However, make sure that you put the product on your face or whichever area that you want to contour and not on your beauty blender because it soaks up a lot of product that way and leads to wastage. Also, you can still totally use your favorite brushes to put the product on and buff it a little and then use the blender as a final blending touch.

4. To highlight:

Highlight with the help of a beauty blender pretty much the same way that you contour with it. Firstly, you put on some highlighter wherever required, dampen your sponge and then work your way to glory!

5. Creating ombre nail arts:

You can use your beauty blender to create some awesome ombre nail arts as well. All you have to do is apply a base color onto your nails and then apply some nail polish to the narrower side of your blender, dab off the excess and press the sponge lightly onto your nails turn by turn.

6. For skincare:

If you use multiple skincare products or just simply hate using your fingers to apply your night cream and luscious serums, you can take help of a good old makeup blender and say hello to fabulous skin. However, make sure that you keep a beauty blender especially for this purpose and never ever use it to apply makeup since it can lead to the growth of bacteria and cause infections. Also, remember to wash your beauty blender EVERYDAY, if you use it to apply your skincare products to keep it hygienic and good for use.

7. Create perfect smokey eye:

Beauty blender is one of the most excellent and quickest ways to put on some eyeshadow and rock it. All you have to do is dip the smaller side of your blender in dark concentrated black eyeshadow and dab it on your eyelids in a blending motion. However, this trick does not guarantee professional looking smokey eyes and is a trick best suited for beginners.

That’s all for today girls! Hope this helps! ?



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